The Real Truth About Interval Training And How It Can Help You

You are committing a tragedy against time if you are wasting it with cardiovascular routines. There’s a good path to a healthy, lean body that doesn’t include cardio at all. Of course, you won’t be able to go as slow and easy. It’s a dishonour that so many people at the gym spend most of their time doing aerobic workouts since they’re not getting the results they want. The real way to get rid of all that blubber you’re dealing with is to workout in interval training.

Intervals are nothing less than intense periods of exercise alternating with easier recovery periods. Research has shown intervals are a more  final result ive at fat burning than any other approach to exercise.  The high intensity component of an interval is going to last between one and two minutes. Once you complete that part, you recover at an easier rate for about a minute and a half.

You’d think that people doing cardio would lose fat. After all, exercise is exercise no matter how slow it is. So it sounds really nice, but the problem is that in practice it doesn’t help at all with losing fat. It’s amazing how that people who do cardiovascular exercises every day for hours every week and they still have stomach fat to spare. A Brit study took a sample of thirty five heavyweights who weren’t working out at all. 

These people worked out for three months and did it five days weekly. With all that work, they averaged an eight pound loss.  Over the three months, one person lost thirty pounds and then another gained almost four. Those running the study distinguised the losers from the gainers saying that some got hungry and ate more to compensate for it, erasing all the gains from their exercise.  This amounted to an average of almost 300 calories on each day.

The message is that slow cardio has the effect of intensifying hunger. So you should avoid cardio if you can’t control your urge to eat.  This is one more good reason to pursue intervals as your choice method for buring fat and losing weight.

Don’t forget that intervals combined with strengthening routines are ideal for extreme fat loss and practical weight control. I’ve never heard of someone doing intervals developing that ravenous appetite. So, maybe you are impressed with the person who lost thirty pounds with cardio, so you want to do it yourself.

But if you want to try it you have to be committed to eat less and not more. You might need to put duct tape over your mouth.  Because the people who lose weight with cardio are the exceptions, not the rules.

If the truth is told, you’ll realize that more people gain weight on cardio rather than lose it.

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