Do Behavior Styles Matter In Network Marketing?


   You pick up all kinds of companions in network marketing, and it’s important to recognize their different behavior  styles or types if you want to have success as a team.  Recognizing behavior styles can empower your team members and make your organization more effective.

It is not your personal style that is important.  […]

Teams Should Share A Common Vision


When team members or employees share a common vision it impacts the achievement of the team’s goals and the enterprise’s mission.  When the vision is shared by all participants and goals are understood, projects can be completed in an efficient manner leveraging the talents of everyone involved.

This short video of children at […]

Network Marketing in a Tent

People start their network marketing business with a dream, whether it’s a dream of extra part time or full time money, paying off their debts, time freedom, being able to work from home, reaping the rewards of their own efforts, more family time, or a desire to provide a valuable service to others.  Those are some of the reasons I started in my network marketing business.

Over 15 million people in the U.S. are engaged in network marketing.  That’s a lot of people.

But the number of people engaged in network marketing is far exceeded by the number of people who used to be network marketers.  What happened to these people and will they ever be back again?  I guess it depends upon their memories of their previous network marketing experience.

What started me thinking about this issue was my kids’ pestering last week to camp out in our backyard.

We used to go on family camping outings pretty frequently, but it’s been several years since the last time.  Continue reading Network Marketing in a Tent