Medical System Almost Kills Farmer


Isn’t it frustrating how the medical establishment, the FDA, and big pharmaceutical companies reject alternative and natural medicine? 

While it’s clear that the motivation of Big Pharma is greed, and the FDA’s problem is their incestuous relationship with Big Pharma, it’s still puzzling how doctors who  enter their profession because of a desire to contribute to the health […]

Swine Flu Vaccine Companies Rush To Public Trough


I wrote about the Swine Flu in my blog article “The Greatest Quackery in the History of Medicine“. 

I found this excellent update on the issue at Natural News that shows the waste and thievery going on.  Here it is:

“Seventy million flu vaccines are about to go up in flames as medical waste […]

The Greatest Quackery in The History of Medicine

snakeoilsm Flu vaccines may be the greatest quackery ever pushed in the history of medicine. There’s no evidence that flu vaccines work. Worse, there is evidence that the vaccines can actually cause serious health problems. The swine flu vaccination can weaken your immune system system and damage your brain.

Why be concerned about the safety of flu vaccinations?  They contain a full dose of mercury, the most toxic substance known to man.  There is NO amount of mercury that is safe.  Even small amounts can weaken the immune system.  Vaccinations can also cause brain inflammation.  Severe brain inflammation can lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases in adults as well as behavioral problems and language difficulties in children!

What’s driving the flu shot quackery?  You’ve seen the media blitz:  The CDC says you’ll need two swine flu shots this fall, as well as the regular flu shot. Why? Just follow the money to find the answer.  Continue reading The Greatest Quackery in The History of Medicine