Massive Attack on Supplements by FDA


     There’s bad news for supplement users in the long-awaited revision of FDA guidance rules for new supplements which are finally here, very bad news.

The rules if implemented without modification will basically result in the supplement industry not being allowed to innovate and create new supplements.

This looks like more of the […]

Immune Systems and Broken Levees

NOLA Levee BreakThe Levee lay there un-noticed by most of the citizens until it was overwhelmed and the City of New Orleans flooded during Hurricane Katrina.  To all outward appearances the barrier looked fine and continued day after day to do the job of holding the water out.  But all that changed when so much stress was put on it that it failed.

 Similarly, our immune systems are designed to provide our bodies with protection just like the levees were designed to protect New Orleans.  Our immune system is an amazing protection mechanism designed to defend us against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites.  It faces stresses everyday: Cuts can allow all sorts of bacteria and viruses to enter our body; Germs floating in the air are inhaled; Each day we eat hundreds of germs; Various kinds of human ailments can cause allergies.  Continue reading Immune Systems and Broken Levees

Love Your Health More Than Your Clunker?

Your Health or Your Car   Sometimes we take care of our  body less than we take care of our cars.  We know that our cars won’t give us good performance unless we maintain them. We  inspect them periodically and keep them full of oil, gas, and water.  All that for something that we can replace with a new one when the old one isn’t performing like we want it to. 

The average American will have 7-8 cars in their lifetime, but we only get one body.  And there are few spare parts available for our bodies.  Continue reading Love Your Health More Than Your Clunker?