How Important Is Customer Service?


Customer service plays a big factor in our buying decisions.  We figure that savy customers feel the same way.  Good customer service actually adds value to items purchased.

Some people are price conscious ONLY.  Now, I said ONLY.  There’s nothing wrong with being price conscious as long as it’s not at the exclusion of […]

Adding Value For Success In Business

A lot of people have grown up to think that they have to compete with others to grab their share of a limited stockpile of resources and success. 

 This has become  the central principle by which they govern their relationships with others.  They live their lives according to the belief that meaning is found in a better job title, more “stuff”, or a higher salary.

Many successful people follow a different belief, that true meaning in life is found by serving others.  They serve others by adding value to their lives.

This movie illustrates value, or rather lack of value.

Adding value to others is not just a admirable mission but can also be very rewarding in terms of the success the success it brings your business.  In fact it is a critical factor in the success of any business.   Continue reading Adding Value For Success In Business

Handtool Lessons For Dietary Supplements

Bent hammerWhen you have an important job to do you should make sure that you have the right tools for the job.  Maintaining your health is one of the most important projects you’ll ever engage in. 

As with any maintenance project you’ll want tools you can count on.

Nutritional Supplements have become very popular tools for maintaining good health.  People have come to realize that supplements are a smart and necessary way to supplement deficiencies in our modern diet.

There are hundreds of nutritional supplements available, so how can you recognize the ones that are the quality tools for this important project?

Understand The Difference Between Value And Price

If you were buying a new set of combination wrenches and having good hand tools was really important to the performance of your job, would you normally buy the cheapest set of wrenches?  Not if you were really committed to quality work.   Continue reading Handtool Lessons For Dietary Supplements