The Broken Promise of American Medicine

Big pharma drugsThe FDA, the medical establishment, and big pharmaceutical companies have created an unhealthy environment for American citizens. 

While the medical system seems to work well when surgery and emergency lifesaving treatment are required little focus is placed on prevention of illness or chronic disease.  Treatment focuses almost entirely upon the performance of surgery and the prescription of drugs. 

The current environment created by the medical system, big pharma, and the FDA is not just skeptical of natural alternative medicine and nutritional supplements but is hostile to the concept. 

Pharmaceutical companies are motivated by more and more profits.  We’re bombarded every day with outrageous advertisements, many of which include in the “fast talk” at the very end of the commercial a statement of the side effects, including fatalities.

The FDA is heavily influenced by Big Pharma.  Did you know that many FDA and “independent” drug studies are financed by the drug manufacturers themselves?  More than half the budget of the FDA division that approves new drugs is paid directly by the drug companies’ user fees.  In a new definition of the fox guarding the hen house, drug company representatives even participate in study groups and review panels.  Experts with financial ties to the drug companies dominate the FDA’s Advisory Committees and the panels that write clinical guidelines.  In this type of a system the conclusions of these studies and reiviews regarding efficacy and safety should be suspect.   Continue reading The Broken Promise of American Medicine

Medical System Almost Kills Farmer


Isn’t it frustrating how the medical establishment, the FDA, and big pharmaceutical companies reject alternative and natural medicine? 

While it’s clear that the motivation of Big Pharma is greed, and the FDA’s problem is their incestuous relationship with Big Pharma, it’s still puzzling how doctors who  enter their profession because of a desire to contribute to the health […]

Pharmaceuticals vs. Butt Cheek Wedgie Bombs

Are pharmaceuticals more dangerous to our health than wedgie bombs?Are pharmaceuticals more dangerous to your health than terrorists with butt cheek wedgie bombs?

Seems like everybody in the USA is focused on the issue of one terrorist wearing a pair of exploding underwear.  Pictures that have surfaced on the net show the slightly charred and singed underpants with the “bomb packet” still in place.

Lucky for us the whole idea that underwear explosives might destroy an airplane is kind of nonsensical given that the terrorist’s butt cheeks are in the way!  Given what happens when a soldier smothers a grenade to save his companions, and the placement of the explosive packet in this case, if the bomb would have gone off the lesson learned would most likely have been “How to explode your rectum without harming anyone nearby”. Our “super wedgie” terrorist was sitting right on top of the explosive powder.

Perhaps we should be more focused on a far more likely threat to our health, the threat posed by pharmaceutical drugs.  On the heels of the deaths of 3 celebrities, people are once again asking just how dangerous prescription drugs might really be.  Continue reading Pharmaceuticals vs. Butt Cheek Wedgie Bombs