Networkers Should Read Westerns


Most entrepreneurs recognize the value of learning and practicing the skills required for success.    There are many good books about network marketing and MLM.  Some of the authors are shown here.  These books are typically written by successful leaders and some focus on marketing skills and techniques while others, applicable to any field, concentrate […]

My Personal Development Included a Circus Act

GH climbs upNothing stays static. You (and your business) are either growing or decaying.

When I first joined my wife in our networking company in 2003 our business growth was explosive. Fueled by  passion for the products and a desire to help others, within 13 months our downline exceeded 4,500. Our income soon exceeded the six-figure income I had earned in my last J.O.B.  Other associates in our downline were energized with the same passion and we all expected that our businesses would continue to grow. 

We didn’t know that we were in Network Marketing.   Neither our upline nor our Company mentioned much if anything about prospecting, duplication, follow-up (as in “the fortune is in the follow-up”) or any other networking skills.  Continue reading My Personal Development Included a Circus Act