Do Behavior Styles Matter In Network Marketing?


   You pick up all kinds of companions in network marketing, and it’s important to recognize their different behavior  styles or types if you want to have success as a team.  Recognizing behavior styles can empower your team members and make your organization more effective.

It is not your personal style that is important.  […]

Networkers Should Read Westerns


Most entrepreneurs recognize the value of learning and practicing the skills required for success.    There are many good books about network marketing and MLM.  Some of the authors are shown here.  These books are typically written by successful leaders and some focus on marketing skills and techniques while others, applicable to any field, concentrate […]

Network Marketers – Is There A Dead Squirrel in That Bag?

Dead squirrel on backMonday my kids came running into the house to tell me that there was a dead squirrel in the backyard.  I went out and sure enough, there on the grass lay a fat, furry squirrel  with a bushy tail, spread-eagled on his back, deader than a door nail!

How the squirrel met his end was a mystery because he didn’t have a mark on him.  Perhaps his acrobatic skills deserted him while he was leaping from one branch to another causing him to plummet to his death.

My son asked me what he should do with the body.  Because the city was picking up yard waste the following day, I told him to hide the dead squirrel in a 39 gallon plastic bag of grass cuttings, throw some leaves and grass on top of the body, cinch up the bag and take it to the curb for pickup.

Tuesday morning the garbage truck pulled up and a sanitation worker grabbed the bag with the dead squirrel hidden inside and threw it in the truck, and away they went. 

If you’re wondering what a dead squirrel has to do with network marketing, it’s simply this – When people join a network marketing company they figuratively grab a bag containing, the company history, compensation plan, company leadership, marketing system, and products. 

Network marketing can be a wonderful opportunity to earn additional income and be your own boss.  But just like any other industry there are some great network marketing companies and some really bad ones. 

Some companies have “dead squirrels” hidden in the contents of their bags.  Although it was overlooked when new distributors picked up the bag, this dead squirrel begins to stink and become more and more obvious as time goes by.  Continue reading Network Marketers – Is There A Dead Squirrel in That Bag?

Stop Farting Around And Work Your Business

The fartiste Le PetomaneMany entrepreneurs, especially those of us who run our own business from home, such as in network marketing, must be especially wary not to fall into the trap of procrastination.  We can find all kinds of things to do instead while putting off working our business. 

Procrastination affects all of us to some degree.  With some it is a minor problem while with others procrastination is a source of considerable stress and anxiety.  Instead of working our business, we’re “farting around”, putting off doing what we know we need to do to achieve success in our business.

Network marketers sometimes procrastinate and put off important activities like prospecting, marketing, getting that meeting flyer out, making phone calls, or making presentations.  That FaceBook fan page can wait for awhile.  The same thing goes for attending a weekly meeting or writing that blog article we’ve been thinking about.

The only person who ever made money by “farting around” was Joseph Pujol, a Frenchman known as Le Petomane, which translates roughly to “fartiste”.  He could pass wind at will and vary the sound of his “fart impressions”.  He became the toast of France performing on stage for the first time in Marseilles in 1887, and going on to Paris where he performed at the Moulin Rouge.

For us others, unfortunately “farting around” by procrastinating will make us broke rather than rich and famous.  Continue reading Stop Farting Around And Work Your Business

Network Marketing in a Tent

People start their network marketing business with a dream, whether it’s a dream of extra part time or full time money, paying off their debts, time freedom, being able to work from home, reaping the rewards of their own efforts, more family time, or a desire to provide a valuable service to others.  Those are some of the reasons I started in my network marketing business.

Over 15 million people in the U.S. are engaged in network marketing.  That’s a lot of people.

But the number of people engaged in network marketing is far exceeded by the number of people who used to be network marketers.  What happened to these people and will they ever be back again?  I guess it depends upon their memories of their previous network marketing experience.

What started me thinking about this issue was my kids’ pestering last week to camp out in our backyard.

We used to go on family camping outings pretty frequently, but it’s been several years since the last time.  Continue reading Network Marketing in a Tent

Convert Before It’s Too Late!

Sign says The End is Near.I’m not talking about a religious conversion here, but about converting ordinary, everyday expenses to business expenses for savings on your income taxes.

The surest way to reduce your taxes is to convert personal expenditures into allowable deductions.

A network marketing or other type of home-based business allows you to convert a portion of your everyday expenses to legitimate business deductions.  Network marketing is a great home based business that takes little investment to get going.

Another tax year has come and gone.  With the specter of rising taxes and food prices don’t let another year slip by without taking advantage of the benefits of having your own home business.

Inflation is expected to hit food hard this year, particularly meat, many fruits, veggies, cereal, and dairy products.

Gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and electricity costs are soaring.

Operating a home-based business is a useful and lawful way to reduce the income taxes you pay and retain more of your hard-earned income.   Keeping more of your money is critically important to meet the rising cost of everyday living expenses. 

This is no time to be paying more income tax than is required by law.  Even if you can only save a few thousand dollars, it is foolish to ignore it.

(I am not an accountant nor am I giving you tax advice)

As a self-employed individual or business owner, you are allowed a laundry list of tax deductions.  These are expenses that are necessary and relevant to your business.   Here is a list of tax deductions to consider.

Computers, Software, and Supplies, Research Materials, Phone, Cell Phone, Mileage and Travel Expenses, Utilities, Home Office Expenses, Equipment, Supplies, Health Insurance Costs, Insurance, Internet Service, Printer, Copier, Maintenance and Repairs,  Upkeep, Advertising and Marketing, Office Furniture, Dues, Memberships, and Subscriptions, Business Licenses, Search Engine Optimization, Tradeshows, Booths, Business Cards, Flyers, Education & Training, Workshops and Seminars, Printing, Postage, Letterhead, Office Supplies, and Wages Paid.  Continue reading Convert Before It’s Too Late!

Frozen in Network Marketing


When I woke up this morning I noticed that the rain that fell last night had frozen on the tree branches during the night.  It was a beautiful sight.

This kind of thing is unusual for South Louisiana, even in the winter.

As I looked at the scene it reminded me of an event that’s not so […]

No Shoes No Shirt No Customers

One of the biggest reasons network marketing and home businesses are so popular is that we have the freedom to set our own schedule and to run the business as we see fit.  Gone are the restrictions of a 9 – 5 job.  We get up when we want, work when we want, and we can even dress like we want. 

Be careful though.  That relaxed business atmosphere and the freedom to conduct our business the way we want doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t set some personal standards, especially in the way we dress.

We are our own marketing department.  It is important to present ourselves and our opportunity in a positive light.  One of the primary things prospects look at when considering whether to join us is us.  There’s a saying “People buy you, not the business or the product”.  They’re buying our ability to help get them what they want, either through our MLM business or product.

We’ve all seen the signs on business establishments, “No Shoes No Shirt No Service”.  In our case we could paraphrase that as “No Shoes No Shirt No Customers”.  Poor dress won’t recruit new prospects.

Our dress code should always be appropriate for the situation and the people present.  Dress can vary depending upon whether we’re making a presentation, attending a meeting, prospecting, or meeting a customer at the door.  A coat and tie may be appropriate when our audience is a group of business professionals.  Out and about prospecting, more casual dress is appropriate.  A polo shirt and nice shorts might get the best results at a gymn.   Continue reading No Shoes No Shirt No Customers

Adding Value For Success In Business

A lot of people have grown up to think that they have to compete with others to grab their share of a limited stockpile of resources and success. 

 This has become  the central principle by which they govern their relationships with others.  They live their lives according to the belief that meaning is found in a better job title, more “stuff”, or a higher salary.

Many successful people follow a different belief, that true meaning in life is found by serving others.  They serve others by adding value to their lives.

This movie illustrates value, or rather lack of value.

Adding value to others is not just a admirable mission but can also be very rewarding in terms of the success the success it brings your business.  In fact it is a critical factor in the success of any business.   Continue reading Adding Value For Success In Business