Networkers Should Read Westerns


Most entrepreneurs recognize the value of learning and practicing the skills required for success.    There are many good books about network marketing and MLM.  Some of the authors are shown here.  These books are typically written by successful leaders and some focus on marketing skills and techniques while others, applicable to any field, concentrate […]

I Escaped the Ratrace and Gave My Briefcase to the Cat

Cat sleeping in my briefcaseWhen I got my first management job, my wife gave me a briefcase.  It was the biggest one Samsonite made at the time, and I liked it because I could bring work home from the office every day.  That briefcase went along with me on business trips overseas, to corporate headquarters and other regional offices in the U.S. and to meetings with clients.  It was handy for popping into the overhead on the airplane, and I could retrieve it during the flight so I could work.

I was a workaholic, leaving for work early and returning late.  I even enjoyed going to the office on some weekends because I could get more done.  Not being paid for the extra work wasn’t an issue with me.  I was never a 9:00 – 5:00 guy.

The promotions kept coming, and I had less and less family time.  My unused paid vacation time began to mount up.

Gradually I came to to realize how my job had taken over my life.  I had money, but no time to enjoy it or to spend with my growing family.  The companies I worked for controlled my time and my income.  Sometimes I was knocking myself out while others in similar positions were paid exactly the same while putting in minimal effort.  Frequently, I wondered if my superiors even knew what I did, and I felt more like a number than an individual.  I began to be dissatisfied and my briefcase got heavier and heavier.

It seemed to me that I had stepped onto a conveyor belt when I graduated from high school, carrying me through college and into the rat race while the years flew by.  Worst of all, despite all of the heroic mission statements of the companies I worked for as Operations Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager, and Managing Director, I didn’t feel like my efforts had added any true value to others’ lives.  At heart, we had been profit-driven, not purpose-driven.  Continue reading I Escaped the Ratrace and Gave My Briefcase to the Cat

Frozen in Network Marketing


When I woke up this morning I noticed that the rain that fell last night had frozen on the tree branches during the night.  It was a beautiful sight.

This kind of thing is unusual for South Louisiana, even in the winter.

As I looked at the scene it reminded me of an event that’s not so […]

No Shoes No Shirt No Customers

One of the biggest reasons network marketing and home businesses are so popular is that we have the freedom to set our own schedule and to run the business as we see fit.  Gone are the restrictions of a 9 – 5 job.  We get up when we want, work when we want, and we can even dress like we want. 

Be careful though.  That relaxed business atmosphere and the freedom to conduct our business the way we want doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t set some personal standards, especially in the way we dress.

We are our own marketing department.  It is important to present ourselves and our opportunity in a positive light.  One of the primary things prospects look at when considering whether to join us is us.  There’s a saying “People buy you, not the business or the product”.  They’re buying our ability to help get them what they want, either through our MLM business or product.

We’ve all seen the signs on business establishments, “No Shoes No Shirt No Service”.  In our case we could paraphrase that as “No Shoes No Shirt No Customers”.  Poor dress won’t recruit new prospects.

Our dress code should always be appropriate for the situation and the people present.  Dress can vary depending upon whether we’re making a presentation, attending a meeting, prospecting, or meeting a customer at the door.  A coat and tie may be appropriate when our audience is a group of business professionals.  Out and about prospecting, more casual dress is appropriate.  A polo shirt and nice shorts might get the best results at a gymn.   Continue reading No Shoes No Shirt No Customers

Adding Value For Success In Business

A lot of people have grown up to think that they have to compete with others to grab their share of a limited stockpile of resources and success. 

 This has become  the central principle by which they govern their relationships with others.  They live their lives according to the belief that meaning is found in a better job title, more “stuff”, or a higher salary.

Many successful people follow a different belief, that true meaning in life is found by serving others.  They serve others by adding value to their lives.

This movie illustrates value, or rather lack of value.

Adding value to others is not just a admirable mission but can also be very rewarding in terms of the success the success it brings your business.  In fact it is a critical factor in the success of any business.   Continue reading Adding Value For Success In Business

Clint Eastwood Spits On A Network Marketer


I recently watched one of my favorite movies again, “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, starring Clint Eastwood. 

At one point in the movie Josey confronts a pushy patent medicine salesman.  He responds in a manner which leaves no doubt about his low opinion of the man’s profession and his product.

Seeing this reminded me of people […]

Online Marketing – Some Dogs Chase Every Car

MLM dog chasing every carIn the online marketing world, especially regarding network marketing, the amount of information, training, techniques, tools, and strategies available can be overwhelming.  And new stuff seems to come out every week about blogging, article marketing, opt in pages, capture pages, video marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, e-mail marketing, e-books, webinars, teleseminars, copywriting, viral marketing, social sites, black hat techniques, white hat techniques, and social bookmarking.

This information overload can kill our efficiency or even lead to complete shutdown. It isn’t long before we feel completely overwhelmed and lost!  The high hopes we had when we first discovered the importance of all these skills for lead generation and marketing begin to fade as we realize that there’ll never be enough time to learn, apply, and maintain all of them, to say nothing of the money required.  How many books, software, and courses have you bought?  Continue reading Online Marketing – Some Dogs Chase Every Car

My Personal Development Included a Circus Act

GH climbs upNothing stays static. You (and your business) are either growing or decaying.

When I first joined my wife in our networking company in 2003 our business growth was explosive. Fueled by  passion for the products and a desire to help others, within 13 months our downline exceeded 4,500. Our income soon exceeded the six-figure income I had earned in my last J.O.B.  Other associates in our downline were energized with the same passion and we all expected that our businesses would continue to grow. 

We didn’t know that we were in Network Marketing.   Neither our upline nor our Company mentioned much if anything about prospecting, duplication, follow-up (as in “the fortune is in the follow-up”) or any other networking skills.  Continue reading My Personal Development Included a Circus Act