Dealing with Muscle Fatigue


BJJ Baltimore students know that having your muscles fatigue on you is one of the worst feelings your body can feel.  The main cause of muscle fatigue can be tied to exercise intensity and duration.   During workouts of high intensity the muscles will become fatigued because there is a depletion of the […]

13 Ways to Soothe Sore Shin Splint Legs

Treating Shinsplint for Vibrant HealthOne of the best ways to treat shin splint is by prevention. The first thing one must focus on when working out is the type of shoes that will be used. It is important to have the right footwear, that is cushiony insole.  If you are doing exercises or aerobics, it is important to get a mat, or something padded and not uneven setting. Always stretch your entire body but, especially your lower legs.


Normally if you are sore the next day after a work out, you are encouraged to continue working out, as it eases the soreness. This method does not work for shin splint.  If you experience pain in the lower leg, continuing to work out or walk and run will only make it worse. You should stay off of your feet for awhile until the pain recedes.

You can also put ice on your legs to reduce the inflammation and pain . You can put ice on a towel and put it on your leg or you can put ice in a zip lock bag instead of a towel, to help ease the pain. 10 minutes interval is recommended.   Continue reading 13 Ways to Soothe Sore Shin Splint Legs