Drinking Iced Coffee Calorie Bombs?


Coffee shops have always been a place to socialize, and in recent years they have become popular as a place to relax, study, surf the web, do schoolwork, and meet with new or prospective business associates.

Iced coffee has become one of the most popular drinks available at coffee shops.  These drinks became so popular that fast […]

Treating Depression With Hypnosis

Swinging watch used to hypnotize

It’s no joke to have depression – it’s more than your basic case of the blues. It is common for your simple mental issues to turn into serious issues, or even lead to health problems. It is common for people to always think the worst or think so lowly of themselves as self-esteem goes down. Your self-confidence will also suffer, causing you to miss out on all that life has to offer.

Treating depression is an absolute must before it spirals out of control and causes you irrevocable harm. Counseling services and medications can be very helpful, but expect to be in this slump for the long haul since both methods often take months to achieve the kind of results you want.

Hypnosis is a treatment option that can help lift the curtain and allow the sun to start shining in your life. Whether you consult a trained specialist in hypnosis or learn the art of self-hypnotism, either means is an effective way to subconsciously entertain positive thoughts and get rid of all the negative thoughts bringing you down and preventing you from enjoying life.  Continue reading Treating Depression With Hypnosis

Your Body the Car

Person checking oil in carTypically, most people maintain their cars far better than their own bodies.  This is puzzling considering the comparative value of our cars vs. our health.  We will never have more than one body whereas we will probably own several cars in our lifetime.  When our body breaks down, we can’t replace it with a new one.

 People want reliable performance from their vehicles while at the same time wishing to avoid unexpected and costly breakdowns.  They take them for regular service and periodic inspections so that vehicle systems like steering, braking, and cooling are working properly.

They monitor and maintain important fluids like oil and gasoline. If they want high performance from their cars they use high performance, high octane fuel.  With most people it is also a matter of personal pride to keep their vehicles looking good.

But what about taking care of our body’s health?  Sadly, we don’t use the same standard of care when it comes to our own health.  Just like a car our bodies require care, maintenance, and fuel to function properly.  It’s essential that we maintain our body if we want it to last a long time without periodic or serious break downs.

In the same manner that vehicle systems must be maintained, our body’s systems; circulatory system, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, etc. have to be maintained.

A Five Point Maintenance Program for Our Body  Continue reading Your Body the Car

Can An IPod Help You Get Fit?

Wearing an Ipod while exercisingMost people think that lifting weights, or doing those crunches, will help them lose those extra pounds of fat and that they will get the tight, toned  and packed abs they have always been dreaming of.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in going to the gym and curling and crunching yourself to get tighter abs and a tucked stomach.

 But before you start with the crunches here are a few things you have to start before you start going to the fitness center. Cut out that fat altogether from your diet. Then do more stretching, and third is do more cardio workouts.

This is the type of advice that might be provided by a personal trainer who could also provide you with a fitness routine designed to achieve your goals.

But what if you prefer not to join a health club, either because of the high cost or because you want the option of working out at home or in environments other than health clubs?  After all, even if you join a health club, why confine your fitness routine to the gymn?   Continue reading Can An IPod Help You Get Fit?