What Do We Do If The Drugs We’re Counting On Don’t Work?

Drug-resistant super germsSuper Germs – You can pick them up at the office, at the gym and even in your home.  These germs have developed a resistance to more and more medicines.

Swine flu, when it appeared, was resistant to a group of drugs often used to fight flu in the past. This drug resistance occurs when a virus mutates in such a way that makes drugs ineffective.  The primary cause of drug-resistant bacteria is our overuse and misuse of antibiotics, but mutations can also crop up spontaneously even when drugs aren’t over prescribed.

It’s frightening to think that the drugs we’re depending on are ineffective against these “bugs”.  There are even germs today that are resistant to all antibiotics. As more and more bugs, including some really nasty bacteria become resistant to our best drugs, concerns are rising.  Continue reading What Do We Do If The Drugs We’re Counting On Don’t Work?

Your Mother Was Right

“Wash your hands and make sure you use the soap!” Mom would say as we came in for supper.  It made me wonder what kind of plague I could have come in contact with playing outside with my brothers.  We hadn’t been tossing bubonic rats around!  Was some deadly germ lurking under my fingernails waiting to drop off into the mashed potatoes and kill us all?

Now all kinds of people are telling us to wash our hands and it looks like Mom was right all along.

With concern over the flu virus, the CDC reminded us that keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to help prevent the spread of disease.  The Mayo Clinic says that frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness. Continue reading Your Mother Was Right