Health Benefits of Pumpkins


Halloween is the time of year when we think about pumpkins.  But it’s always the time of year to think about eating right.  In that regard, pumpkins are frightfully good for us, not in a jack-o-lantern but in our diet.

Pumpkins are very beneficial for heart ailments and also help in reducing cholesterol.  […]

Reduce Water Retention

Swollen feet from water retention.A big step towards improved health for women and a healthy weight loss is by is by understanding how to reduce water retention, this can be accomplished by consuming high fiber foods.  Water retention can also be called edema and can be caused by a number of different considerations.  This will include dieting and notconsuming sufficient amounts of water as well as having a disease such as diabetes. 

Quite a few health problems that people face are directly related to the foods that they digest .  When you consume fiber dense foods, you will clean out your system more proficiently and maintain a healthier digestive tract .  Foods high in fiber would include whole grains, vegatables and fruit .  These types of food groups are all good for you and will assist your digestive tract.

People who are dehydrated are often associated with water retention .  This is the result of not drinking enough water .  When you drink eight glasses of water a day , you will start to feel bloated, but will then lose the water retention as your body cleans itself out.  If you eat a diet that is rich in fiber and drink plenty of water , you will naturally maintain a healthy weightand also keep a clean digestive tract.

A variety of problems can arise with water retention and it also puts a strain on your your organs, including your kidneys .  Water retention is often caused by constipation.  This is when you have a failure to move your bowels .   Although this is not a subject that many people like to discuss.   In order for your digestive tract to stay healthy, you should have bowel movements every day around the same time and when you urinate it should be almost clear .  This is one way to check that you are drinking and eating the right foods.  Your urine should be almost clear colored except at first light.  Clear urine is a great indication that you are drinking plenty of water.   Continue reading Reduce Water Retention

Les Miles LSU Eats His Greens. Shouldn’t You?

Les Miles, LSU head football coachWho’s eating their greens?

During the LSU football game against Alabama on Nov. 6, Les Miles, LSU Head Coach, was observed eating some of the Tiger Stadium grass.  Questioned about it after the game Miles said he does it every game.

No matter whether he eats grass to attain some sort of karmic “oneness” with the field or for the protein, it’s not too healthy to eat grass off a football field that’s probably maintained with all kinds of chemical fertilizers.  It might also be a good idea to wash the grass off before eating it because of possible windborne chemical contamination from nearby industrial plants along the Mississippi River.  How’s he going to flush those toxins out of his body?

Even though football stadium grass is probably not the ideal source, green plants, especially in their natural state, do provide many important nutrients.

Adding more greens to our diet is a smart thing to do and has many health benefits.  The American Dietetic Association in a paper titled “Eating Plants for Health: From Fiber to Phytochemicals” described the health benefits of eating a more plant-based diet, especially with a concurrent reduction in the consumption of animal products.  A plant-based diet has been linked to lower rates of many serious health problems.  Continue reading Les Miles LSU Eats His Greens. Shouldn’t You?