Burning Off Fat, Faster – The Correlation Between The Psychological And The Physical

Lose Fat for Vibrant HealthSince time immemorable, the proper technique for fast weight loss has always been an important issue with people who have to lose some unwanted fats. There are a number of ways this can be done, but basically there’s two approaches to this. First is the “crash-burn” method and next is the ‘speedy burn’ technique.

The first method would seem to many as a logical technique to achieve fat burning immediately. You exercise heavily to burn off the fats then you greatly lessen your food intake so even less fats would get into the body. Sounds reasonable enough. However, you also need to consider what they call as the mind-body connection in psychology.


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Experts in this field say that the body has sensors and indicators that can detect and recognize when the body is under attack or in distress. When these sensors go off, the body will protect itself, and a survival mode is initiated. To explain this more clearly, we will discuss this mechanism in relation to burning fat fast.   Continue reading Burning Off Fat, Faster – The Correlation Between The Psychological And The Physical

Keep High Blood Pressure At Bay!

Checking Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is not an ordinary health condition. It can take an extremely major turn too, thanks to the countless health threats that are associated with it. 

So if you do not want to face any of the related health dangers it’s best to stop blood pressure problems from emerging in the 1st place.  Following are some measures which will help you keep high blood pressure at bay.  These measures are also important to take if you already have high blood pressure.

One of the most important things in this context is to keep a check on your weight.  If you are overweight, the body has to exert greater pressure so the blood reaches all the parts of the body efficiently.  In the middle, the blood pressure level rises to a major extent.  So if such a situation is to be avoided, it is better to tip weighing scales in your favor.  Continue reading Keep High Blood Pressure At Bay!