Seven Exercises You Can Do In Bed

exercise in bedFINAL     Bed exercises are a healthy way to help you get in shape, burn calories, tone you up, and transform your body.  They’re convenient for all kinds of reasons.  Perhaps you have neither the time nor the desire to get up extra early to do a morning workout at the gym.  Some bed exercise in the morning can get you perked up and firing on all cylinders to start the day with an advantage.  Done in the evening they can help you get a restful evening of sleep.  They  stimulate the production of the mood-enhancing brain chemical serotonin, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.  As a result, you will find that you sleep better when you do these exercises at night, and feel invigorated when you do the routine in the morning. Here are a few bed exercises you can do that won’t take more than 10 minutes out of your busy schedule.  They are designed for anyone, but they can be especially helpful for people recovering from an illness or injury and confined to bed and for people who just can’t find time during the day to exercise.

Important:  When you perform these exercises, breathe in slowly while you count to four, hold for a count of one, and then exhale for a count of four.

Purpose: Tones and stretches the shoulders and upper back.
What to do: While lying on your back, place your arms at your sides. Slide your right arm and shoulder toward your right foot. Next, raise your right shoulder toward your head, while at the same time sliding your left arm and shoulder toward your left foot. Then raise your left shoulder toward your head, while lowering your right arm and shoulder toward your right foot. Repeat five times on each side, moving your shoulders up and down like a seesaw.  Continue reading Seven Exercises You Can Do In Bed

Burning Off Fat, Faster – The Correlation Between The Psychological And The Physical

Lose Fat for Vibrant HealthSince time immemorable, the proper technique for fast weight loss has always been an important issue with people who have to lose some unwanted fats. There are a number of ways this can be done, but basically there’s two approaches to this. First is the “crash-burn” method and next is the ‘speedy burn’ technique.

The first method would seem to many as a logical technique to achieve fat burning immediately. You exercise heavily to burn off the fats then you greatly lessen your food intake so even less fats would get into the body. Sounds reasonable enough. However, you also need to consider what they call as the mind-body connection in psychology.


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Experts in this field say that the body has sensors and indicators that can detect and recognize when the body is under attack or in distress. When these sensors go off, the body will protect itself, and a survival mode is initiated. To explain this more clearly, we will discuss this mechanism in relation to burning fat fast.   Continue reading Burning Off Fat, Faster – The Correlation Between The Psychological And The Physical

Are Muscle Confusion Exercises Effective?

Dumbbells for Vibrant HealthYou’ve most likely seen the infomercials talking about eliminating plateaus and now you are wondering are muscle confusion workouts efficient or are they a gimmick?

If you have ever opened any given fitness magazine you’ve most likely observed sample workouts to help you construct muscle mass.  However, practically each workout is comparable if not the identical as the one in a previous issue.  Ultimately the individuals at the fitness center are giving the identical guidance as what is within the magazines.  The result is seeing everyone at the fitness center doing the same exercise as the next guy.

Regrettably humans are creatures of habit, and we end up doing the same workouts day after day eventually hitting plateaus.  When somebody comes along with a brand new piece of guidance it’s difficult to alter our perspective and try something new.  So what are you to do when everyone is doing the identical workouts expecting new outcomes?  Continue reading Are Muscle Confusion Exercises Effective?

A Basic Senior Bodybuilding Routine

A senior doing pushups for vibrant healthThe key to any senior bodybuilding regimen would be to not overdo it.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like a young, viral 18 year old, but as a person’s body ages we start to slow down.  This isn’t any reason to avoid cardiovascular exercise or senior bodybuilding routines, but rather a reminder to take things a bit slower than you would have a few years ago.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and sometimes our digestive system has to function harder to keep everything moving.  Working your fingers to the bone at the gym, then eating like a horse to build muscle doesn’t perform as efficiently as men and women creep past middle age. After age 50, testosterone isn’t nearly as abundant, which means overdoing it (when doing senior bodybuilding) is a lot more likely to lead to injury, rather than better fitness

How You Should Get Started

Starting a program geared toward senior bodybuilding needs is the ideal method to prevent injury.  Beginning with a couple of simple exercises, spread out over the course of the week is ideal.   Continue reading A Basic Senior Bodybuilding Routine