Networkers Should Read Westerns


Most entrepreneurs recognize the value of learning and practicing the skills required for success.    There are many good books about network marketing and MLM.  Some of the authors are shown here.  These books are typically written by successful leaders and some focus on marketing skills and techniques while others, applicable to any field, concentrate […]

Stop Farting Around And Work Your Business

The fartiste Le PetomaneMany entrepreneurs, especially those of us who run our own business from home, such as in network marketing, must be especially wary not to fall into the trap of procrastination.  We can find all kinds of things to do instead while putting off working our business. 

Procrastination affects all of us to some degree.  With some it is a minor problem while with others procrastination is a source of considerable stress and anxiety.  Instead of working our business, we’re “farting around”, putting off doing what we know we need to do to achieve success in our business.

Network marketers sometimes procrastinate and put off important activities like prospecting, marketing, getting that meeting flyer out, making phone calls, or making presentations.  That FaceBook fan page can wait for awhile.  The same thing goes for attending a weekly meeting or writing that blog article we’ve been thinking about.

The only person who ever made money by “farting around” was Joseph Pujol, a Frenchman known as Le Petomane, which translates roughly to “fartiste”.  He could pass wind at will and vary the sound of his “fart impressions”.  He became the toast of France performing on stage for the first time in Marseilles in 1887, and going on to Paris where he performed at the Moulin Rouge.

For us others, unfortunately “farting around” by procrastinating will make us broke rather than rich and famous.  Continue reading Stop Farting Around And Work Your Business

Social Entrepreneurs And Global Malnutrition

Malnourished children receive donated food.A group of social entrepreneurs have selected a worthy challenge indeed.. attacking global malnutrition

Social entrepreneurs, according to Wikipedia, recognize a social problem and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change. 

They are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most presing social problems.  Ambitious and persistent, they tackle major social issues and offer new ideas for wide-scale change.

Global malnutrition is a huge social problem.  According to the UN World Food Programme 925 million people do not have enough to eat.  10.9 million children under five die in developing countries each year.  Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases cause 60 percent of the deaths.

Malnutrition is more than a measure of what we eat or fail to eat.  It is characterized by inadequate intake of protein, energy and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and by frequent infections and diseases.  When people are starved of the right nutrition they will die from common infections like measles and diarrhea.  Continue reading Social Entrepreneurs And Global Malnutrition