Coffee Is One Of The Healthiest Drinks


   Despite being criticized in the past, coffee may be one of the healthiest beverages you can drink.  Perhaps you’ve just enjoyed this dark-colored liquid for it’s taste and to help you stay alert and awake without thinking whether it’s healthy or unhealthy.

Coffee actually contains hundreds of various compounds (caffeine is just […]

Detoxification, how does it work?


When we are overworked it is easy to overindulge and throw all the diet rules out of the window. Rich and/or processed foods also come with a substantial price tag like, indigestion, constipation, gas and acid reflux.  So, how can you restore your body back to health?  Simple, the first thing to do […]

A Top Diet To Lose Belly Fat

A diet to lose belly fat ought to rely on natural foods such as vegetables and fruit, low fat dairy products, lean meat, wholegrain and valuable fats. You also need to be aware of the foods that have a negative impact on your metabolism, creating the premises for fat storage. People start looking for a belly fat diet and are eager to start whatever they see well advertised. I tell you that you need to make informed decisions that suit your individuality, health condition and needs. Plus, you should never neglect personal preferences.

Overall body fitness should be the main goal of any diet to lose fat, even if there are several factors that influence its success.

Eat diverse meals!

Some restrictive diets allow you to eat only chicken soup, apples and yogurt for a whole month. There are many negative consequences to food restrictions. This is not a diet, this is torture! No wonder you can’t lose fat!  Continue reading A Top Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Savy Tips To Protect Your Health in a Down Economy

balancing health and moneyThe recovery is here?  Maybe so, but most people are still struggling  to make ends meet and find it hard to balance their health and their money. says “Economists have pronounced the Great Recession over, but at home many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet. The percent of disposable personal income going to savings is hovering around just 3 percent, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which suggests Americans are still cash-crunched.”

What can we do to protect our health and our financial future at the same time?  Continue reading Savy Tips To Protect Your Health in a Down Economy