How Important Is Customer Service?


Customer service plays a big factor in our buying decisions.  We figure that savy customers feel the same way.  Good customer service actually adds value to items purchased.

Some people are price conscious ONLY.  Now, I said ONLY.  There’s nothing wrong with being price conscious as long as it’s not at the exclusion of […]

Les Miles LSU Eats His Greens. Shouldn’t You?

Les Miles, LSU head football coachWho’s eating their greens?

During the LSU football game against Alabama on Nov. 6, Les Miles, LSU Head Coach, was observed eating some of the Tiger Stadium grass.  Questioned about it after the game Miles said he does it every game.

No matter whether he eats grass to attain some sort of karmic “oneness” with the field or for the protein, it’s not too healthy to eat grass off a football field that’s probably maintained with all kinds of chemical fertilizers.  It might also be a good idea to wash the grass off before eating it because of possible windborne chemical contamination from nearby industrial plants along the Mississippi River.  How’s he going to flush those toxins out of his body?

Even though football stadium grass is probably not the ideal source, green plants, especially in their natural state, do provide many important nutrients.

Adding more greens to our diet is a smart thing to do and has many health benefits.  The American Dietetic Association in a paper titled “Eating Plants for Health: From Fiber to Phytochemicals” described the health benefits of eating a more plant-based diet, especially with a concurrent reduction in the consumption of animal products.  A plant-based diet has been linked to lower rates of many serious health problems.  Continue reading Les Miles LSU Eats His Greens. Shouldn’t You?

3 Great Tips to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits,vegetables,nuts,smoothiesSeems like a pretty obvious answer but the difficulty is that most people simply don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.  I believe that most North Americans get an average of 1.5 servings per day.  That’s pretty insane considering that the recommended daily consumption is between 5-10 servings .

With that in mind, here are 3 surefire ways to help you at least double the quantity of plant-based foods you consume each day .

1. Adopt a Mono Meal Mindset.

I’m not saying that you need to follow a raw food diet (although you would greatly benefit from doing so) but instead I’m suggesting that you adopt the practice of eating several of one type of food at a time.

 As an example, if you’re already going for the apple as a snack, try having 2 or 3 in one sitting.  There’s no down side to eating too many fruits and vegetables.

So the idea with mono meals is to eat any particular fruit or vegetable to the point of satiation. Since these foods are lower in calories, you’ll be able to eat more of them before you get full.

Mono meals also facilitate digestion because you are eating simply and your digestive system doesn’t have to work over time breaking down complex food combinations.

2. Liquify Your Meals.

I love smoothies. They are such an easy and convenient way of getting more fruits and veggies into your body. There are so many different smoothie recipes that you can enjoy and the beauty is that any given one can almost provide your entire fruit and vegetables requirements for a single day.

All you need to liquify your meals is a juicer and some tasty recipes.  I highly recommend this juicer and you can get some great recipes free here.  

For instance, I frequently like to make this smoothie.   Continue reading 3 Great Tips to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Detoxification, how does it work?


When we are overworked it is easy to overindulge and throw all the diet rules out of the window. Rich and/or processed foods also come with a substantial price tag like, indigestion, constipation, gas and acid reflux.  So, how can you restore your body back to health?  Simple, the first thing to do […]

How to cure indigestion the natural way

Get rid of indigestion for vibrant healthAre you often feeling bloated and full?  Do you suffer from pains in your tummy that make you numb and so uncomfortable that all you want to do is go and lie down in bed? Well if you do, it’s probably a sign that you are suffering from indigestion.

Continual indigestion is very irritating and very painful. It can also erode your esophagus and irritate the lining of one’s abdomen. If not treated early enough with indigestion remedies, it can lead to anxiousness, dizziness and occasionally even panic attacks.

Frequently, people get indigestion symptoms due to the foods they eat not digesting efficiently or correctly. When this happens, the undigested food creates a gas inside the intestines. There are lots of types of remedies accessible to cure your pain and discomfort which consist of medication prescribed by a physician and also natural indigestion remedies which include various kinds of tea, herbs and alterations for your diet plan.  Continue reading How to cure indigestion the natural way