A Bigger Brain or A Bigger Butt?


Where do you want the food you eat to go, to your brain or to your butt and belly?

Some foods we eat seem to be directly tied to an increase in the size of our belly, hips, and derriere.  We know what those are; fatty foods like fast foods, sweets, and junk […]

The Sweet Language of Life – How Our Cells Communicate

Glyconutrients for Vibrant HealthMost people are aware of scientific research that has established diet as an important component of good health and more of the general public are paying attention to nutritional intervention.

Glyconutrients, a class of nutrients that appear necessary for maintaining health, have gotten a lot of attention in the scientific community in recent years. Information concerning glyconutrients, glycobiology, and glycoproteins fills volumes of textbooks and thousands of medical research articles.  To date there are over 40,000 publications on the research of glycobiology and the study of these important glyconutrients.

However, the public’s knowledge of glyconutrients and their importance to maintaining health is limited.

The human body is incredibly dynamic; every day, it is maintaining, protecting and regulating its 60 trillion cells.  It replaces 150 to 500 billion cells daily.  Central to the body’s health is the cell’s ability to maintain its function properly.  Cells must also be nourished, protected and supported.

Glyconutrients are monosaccharides or carbohydrates that are vital for the correct structure and function of cells in our bodies.  As the name monosaccharides indicates they are sugars.

When most people think of sugar, they think of that sweet white granulated stuff that many people put on their breakfast cereal or in their morning coffee. Diabetics think of sugar as something to avoid because it will raise their blood sugar.  Glyconutrients are not that kind of sugar.

Science has found that glyconutrients are important for cell to cell communication and the proper functioning of our immune system.

Proper cell to cell communication is necessary for our body to function properly.  For instance our digestive system needs to know which food components to absorb into the blood stream and which to ignore.  Without proper cell to cell communication our immune system wouldn’t know which cells to attack and destroy and which cells to protect.  Continue reading The Sweet Language of Life – How Our Cells Communicate