Drinking Iced Coffee Calorie Bombs?


Coffee shops have always been a place to socialize, and in recent years they have become popular as a place to relax, study, surf the web, do schoolwork, and meet with new or prospective business associates.

Iced coffee has become one of the most popular drinks available at coffee shops.  These drinks became so popular that fast […]

Health Benefits of Pumpkins


Halloween is the time of year when we think about pumpkins.  But it’s always the time of year to think about eating right.  In that regard, pumpkins are frightfully good for us, not in a jack-o-lantern but in our diet.

Pumpkins are very beneficial for heart ailments and also help in reducing cholesterol.  […]

Iced Coffee Calorie Bombs


Fast food thirst quenchers hit the spot during the warm-weather season.  But some of the creamiest, tastiest drinks such as milkshakes, smoothies, and blended frappes can be a big threat to your swimsuit figure.  Yes, even iced coffee can be a threat.

Although a simple iced coffee with skimmed milk in a sixteen ounce […]

Strategies About Subway Diet

Jared Fogle lost weight for vibrant health.Mention the diet that relies on eating sandwiches in place of two meals a day and people will instantly recognize Jared and the Subway Diet. If you ever wanted to know how this whole thing got started, keep reading.

Jared Fogle worked his way through college by working at an adult book store.  Like many people he sat around too much and ate too many snacks – his habits causing him to balloon to 425 pounds.  Jared realized his weight was critical and so started looking for a way to drop some pounds.

He tried and failed with many diets because he had too much time and too much temptation to cheat.  One day he noticed a Subway sandwich store about a mile and a half from his apartment.  Unknown to Jared he was about to take his first step towards the Subway diet.  Jared changed his daily diet to nothing but a sandwich, baked chips and a diet soda for lunch and dinner, walking the 3 mile round trip for each meal.  His caloric intake plummeted from about 10,000 calories each day to only 900, with 6 miles of walking added for good measure.  The result of Jared’s personal Subway diet was a loss of 245 pounds in only a year.


You don’t have to walk three miles to and from Subway and eat there every day to lose excessive weight.  The OsoLean Diet Plan combines OsoLean, eating right, and daily activity to burn fat and keep the lean muscle.  In addition it carries a 6 month guarantee.


How did this Subway diet become a national ad campaign for the Subway chain?  After losing the weight Jared ran into a friend who worked with the school paper.  After Jared told him how he had lost so much weight, this guy turned it into a feature for the paper.  Someone at Men’s Health magazine read about Jared and decided to include his diet in a feature about crazy diets that work.  A subway franchisee in Chicago brought the story to the attention of his advertising people who talked to Jared to make certain it was legit.  The local agency brought the idea to Subway’s national ad agency, but they hated the idea, so the local guys paid out of pocket for Chicago commercials featuring the Subway diet.  Continue reading Strategies About Subway Diet

Something New On The Menu At Fast Food Chains


It looks like we’re going to see something new on the menu at fast food chains. In an effort to impact the obesity epidemic in the USA among adults and children, the FDA is requiring the prominent display of calorie content on menus at Chain Restaurants.

I came across this excellent article on the subject  […]

Walking To Lose Weight Works


Burn more calories than you eat or drink to lose weight.  Once the diet part is planned, get to walking.  This means 30 minutes a day seven days a week of aerobic work.  Walking is a tolerable, low impact way to accomplish this goal and more importantly to stick with it for a […]

3 Great Tips to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits,vegetables,nuts,smoothiesSeems like a pretty obvious answer but the difficulty is that most people simply don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.  I believe that most North Americans get an average of 1.5 servings per day.  That’s pretty insane considering that the recommended daily consumption is between 5-10 servings .

With that in mind, here are 3 surefire ways to help you at least double the quantity of plant-based foods you consume each day .

1. Adopt a Mono Meal Mindset.

I’m not saying that you need to follow a raw food diet (although you would greatly benefit from doing so) but instead I’m suggesting that you adopt the practice of eating several of one type of food at a time.

 As an example, if you’re already going for the apple as a snack, try having 2 or 3 in one sitting.  There’s no down side to eating too many fruits and vegetables.

So the idea with mono meals is to eat any particular fruit or vegetable to the point of satiation. Since these foods are lower in calories, you’ll be able to eat more of them before you get full.

Mono meals also facilitate digestion because you are eating simply and your digestive system doesn’t have to work over time breaking down complex food combinations.

2. Liquify Your Meals.

I love smoothies. They are such an easy and convenient way of getting more fruits and veggies into your body. There are so many different smoothie recipes that you can enjoy and the beauty is that any given one can almost provide your entire fruit and vegetables requirements for a single day.

All you need to liquify your meals is a juicer and some tasty recipes.  I highly recommend this juicer and you can get some great recipes free here.  

For instance, I frequently like to make this smoothie.   Continue reading 3 Great Tips to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

A Top Diet To Lose Belly Fat

A diet to lose belly fat ought to rely on natural foods such as vegetables and fruit, low fat dairy products, lean meat, wholegrain and valuable fats. You also need to be aware of the foods that have a negative impact on your metabolism, creating the premises for fat storage. People start looking for a belly fat diet and are eager to start whatever they see well advertised. I tell you that you need to make informed decisions that suit your individuality, health condition and needs. Plus, you should never neglect personal preferences.

Overall body fitness should be the main goal of any diet to lose fat, even if there are several factors that influence its success.

Eat diverse meals!

Some restrictive diets allow you to eat only chicken soup, apples and yogurt for a whole month. There are many negative consequences to food restrictions. This is not a diet, this is torture! No wonder you can’t lose fat!  Continue reading A Top Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Oprah Says “I’m Never Dieting Again”.

YoyoThe topic of a recent episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show was dieting.  Oprah is well known for her infamous yo-yo dieting issues, consistently gaining and losing weight for years.

This is a problem shared by many Americans.  25% of American men and 45% of American women are on a diet on any given day.  Their weight goes up and down like a yo-yo as they go on and off different diets.  When they stop eating to go on a crash diet, they shed both fat and lean muscle as they “starve” themselves into shape.  Then as they relax their diet and fall back into old habits their weight increases.  Before they know it, they’ve gained back all the weight they lost and added on more.

According to statistics ninety-five percent of all dieters will regain their lost weight in 1-5 years.  Continue reading Oprah Says “I’m Never Dieting Again”.