Easy Workouts For Abs And Fat Loss Revealed

Amazing abs for vibrant healthTo quest for the ultimate six-pack and flat stomach is what most people want to achieve . People can obsess over this and ultimately lead to paralysis by analysis.

There really is no magic formula to get flat abs . However, there are 2 methods that are commonly used. Surprisingly to many, both these workouts for abs involve more weight training than direct ab exercises.

+ Superset’s with intervals

A great workout for the beginner to intermediate trainer . The superset’s method involves 1 exercise being followed straight away with another exercise. This usually involves opposite muscles (e.g. chest then back) or upper versus lower body (chest then a leg exercise).

The upper/ lower body method is a excellent way of boosting your metabolism, and when done with weights will really help to get the shape you want .

An example of this would be a dumbell bench press and then straight into a bulgarian split squat or another example would be a lat row followed by step-ups.

Instead of slow steady-state cardio, interval training has been proven over and over again to massively boost your metabolism. There are many different varieties of interval training from 60 second’s at a reasonably tough pace to 60 seconds easy, right down to 8 seconds sprinting with 12 seconds rest.  Continue reading Easy Workouts For Abs And Fat Loss Revealed