A Basic Senior Bodybuilding Routine

A senior doing pushups for vibrant healthThe key to any senior bodybuilding regimen would be to not overdo it.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like a young, viral 18 year old, but as a person’s body ages we start to slow down.  This isn’t any reason to avoid cardiovascular exercise or senior bodybuilding routines, but rather a reminder to take things a bit slower than you would have a few years ago.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and sometimes our digestive system has to function harder to keep everything moving.  Working your fingers to the bone at the gym, then eating like a horse to build muscle doesn’t perform as efficiently as men and women creep past middle age. After age 50, testosterone isn’t nearly as abundant, which means overdoing it (when doing senior bodybuilding) is a lot more likely to lead to injury, rather than better fitness

How You Should Get Started

Starting a program geared toward senior bodybuilding needs is the ideal method to prevent injury.  Beginning with a couple of simple exercises, spread out over the course of the week is ideal.   Continue reading A Basic Senior Bodybuilding Routine

The Real Truth About Interval Training And How It Can Help You

You are committing a tragedy against time if you are wasting it with cardiovascular routines. There’s a good path to a healthy, lean body that doesn’t include cardio at all. Of course, you won’t be able to go as slow and easy. It’s a dishonour that so many people at the gym spend most of their time doing aerobic workouts since they’re not getting the results they want. The real way to get rid of all that blubber you’re dealing with is to workout in interval training.

Intervals are nothing less than intense periods of exercise alternating with easier recovery periods. Research has shown intervals are a more  final result ive at fat burning than any other approach to exercise.  The high intensity component of an interval is going to last between one and two minutes. Once you complete that part, you recover at an easier rate for about a minute and a half.

You’d think that people doing cardio would lose fat. After all, exercise is exercise no matter how slow it is. So it sounds really nice, but the problem is that in practice it doesn’t help at all with losing fat. It’s amazing how that people who do cardiovascular exercises every day for hours every week and they still have stomach fat to spare. A Brit study took a sample of thirty five heavyweights who weren’t working out at all.  Continue reading The Real Truth About Interval Training And How It Can Help You