Swine Flu Vaccine Companies Rush To Public Trough

Vaccine companies and swine fluI wrote about the Swine Flu in my blog article “The Greatest Quackery in the History of Medicine“. 

I found this excellent update on the issue at Natural News that shows the waste and thievery going on.  Here it is:

“Seventy million flu vaccines are about to go up in flames as medical waste because they’ve expired and no one wants them.

That’s our money going up in flames — money spent on a hyped-up pandemic that was invented, packaged and marketed by the CDC, WHO and drug companies in order to make a profit at our expense.

Today I have two hard-hitting stories for you on this: First there’s my own commentary on the corruption and fraud in the vaccine industry. Read that here: http://www.naturalnews.com/029125_flu_vaccines_waste.html

And then there’s another powerful story — a must-read report by Dr. Gary Null and Richard Gale who expose the deep corruption, fraud and quackery of both the CDC and the WHO. This is a shocking story that will leave you either infuriated or speechless when you learn the truth about the vaccine industry:

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P.S. My apology to the pigs for comparing them to swine flu vaccine companies.

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