Some Signs You May Be Overweight

Clothes too tight for vibrant healthEvery day in the United States, millions of Americans say to themselves “I need to lose weight.”  Are you one of those individuals? 

While many of the individuals who tell themselves that they need to lose weight do need to lose weight, not all do.  So, the question that many ask themselves is “do I really need to lose weight?”  If that is a question that you have asked yourself before, you’ll find this article useful.

Among the indications that you may need to lose weight is if you are obese.  Many individuals do not realize that there is a difference between being overweight and being obese.

While different healthcare professionals have different definitions for obese, it is often said that those who are thirty or forty pounds overweight are obese.  If you are obese, you should be worried not only about your appearance, but your health as well.  Obesity has been linked to multiple health complications, including the early onset of death.

Another method of measuring overweight and obesity is the Body Mass Index (BMI).  BMI is a measure of body fat based on a person’s weight and height. The BMI chart shows four ranges: underweight (Below 18.5), healthy (18.5 – 24.9), overweight (25.0 – 29.9) and obese (30.0 and Above). 

The formula to calculate your Body Mass Index is to divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared  and then multiply the result by 703.  For example, a person who weighs 185 lbs and is 6 feet tall (72 inches) would divide 185 by (72 x 72) and then multiply by 703 resulting in a BMI of 25.09. 

BMI may not be an accurate measure for everyone, including people who have more muscle mass, like athletes; seniors with less muscle mass; or for people under 5 feet tall.

Body Fat Content may be a truer measure of whether people need to lose weight.  You can purchase a scale which gives you a Body Fat Content reading.  There are other advanced technologies as well as formulas to calculate body fat.  It is normal for women to have higher body fat content than men.  This is due to the fact that women have a higher percentage of essential fat.  The body fat content ranges are:  Athletes (Women 14 – 20%, Men 6 – 13%), Fitness (Women 21 – 24%, Men 14 – 17%), Average (Women 25 – 31%, Men 18 – 24%), Obese (Women 32%+, Men 25%+).

Another sign that you may need to lose weight is if you have been told that you need to do so.  Whether your physician recommended losing weight or someone that you know on a personal level has, it is advised that you at least take their suggestions into consideration. Unfortunately, many individuals are embarrassed or become upset when they are told that they need to lose weight.  What you should remember is that the individual mentioning your weight to you likely isn’t as concerned with your appearance as they are with your health.

Another sign that you may want to consider losing weight is if you are finding that your clothes no longer fit you.  Of course, it is normal for some individuals to gain weight or to have their weight fluctuate, but you may want to think about finding a weight loss program or developing your own weight loss plan if you find that your clothes no longer fit or are difficult to get into.  Unfortunately, many individuals do not just have a small weight gain.  Small weight gain often leads to more, which could have a negative effect on your health.  From a budget standpoint, it’s definitely more cost effective to control your weight than having to frequently buy new larger clothes.

When you find many simple tasks or activities, like walking up a flight of stairs, difficult, you may want to consider losing weight.  Of course, becoming out of breath from simple activities may not necessarily be a weight problem, but there is a good chance that it is. When you lose weight, even just a small amount, you will likely find it easier to do many of the things that you enjoy or even the tasks that you need to do.

The above mentioned signs are just a few of the many signs that you may need to lose weight.  Should you wish to lose weight, you are advised to proceed with caution. There are any numberof weight loss products on the market, like diet pills or exercise equipment, which do not work. The wise thing to do to protect your money and your health is to consider consulting with your physician before starting any weight loss program, even one that you develop yourself.

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