Reduce Water Retention

Swollen feet from water retention.A big step towards improved health for women and a healthy weight loss is by is by understanding how to reduce water retention, this can be accomplished by consuming high fiber foods.  Water retention can also be called edema and can be caused by a number of different considerations.  This will include dieting and notconsuming sufficient amounts of water as well as having a disease such as diabetes. 

Quite a few health problems that people face are directly related to the foods that they digest .  When you consume fiber dense foods, you will clean out your system more proficiently and maintain a healthier digestive tract .  Foods high in fiber would include whole grains, vegatables and fruit .  These types of food groups are all good for you and will assist your digestive tract.

People who are dehydrated are often associated with water retention .  This is the result of not drinking enough water .  When you drink eight glasses of water a day , you will start to feel bloated, but will then lose the water retention as your body cleans itself out.  If you eat a diet that is rich in fiber and drink plenty of water , you will naturally maintain a healthy weightand also keep a clean digestive tract.

A variety of problems can arise with water retention and it also puts a strain on your your organs, including your kidneys .  Water retention is often caused by constipation.  This is when you have a failure to move your bowels .   Although this is not a subject that many people like to discuss.   In order for your digestive tract to stay healthy, you should have bowel movements every day around the same time and when you urinate it should be almost clear .  This is one way to check that you are drinking and eating the right foods.  Your urine should be almost clear colored except at first light.  Clear urine is a great indication that you are drinking plenty of water.  

By eating high fiber foods and drinking plenty of water , you will help your digestive tract remain regular.  You will not feel as bloated and you will be keeping your body clean .  High fiber foods are recommended for people over the age of two years old.  If an individualis sick with diarrhea or having any cramps in the stomach , they should try to avoid fiber dense foods until this condition goes away , but make sure that they continue to drink plenty of fluids so that they do not get dehydrated. One of the reasons for water retention is dehydration.

If you want to reduce water retention in your body, kickoff a diet that consists of high fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.  Eat a fiber cereal in the morning and make sure that you drink plenty of water.  Avoid foods that are heavy with sodium as they tend to cause you to retain water.  Processed foods and frozen foods are often high in salt content and should be avoided if you are having a problem with water retention.

Understand how crucial fiber is to your health and the great health benefits that you will receive from increasing your fiber usage.

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