Networkers Should Read Westerns

Most entrepreneurs recognize the value of learning and practicing the skills required for success.    There are many good books about network marketing and MLM.  Some of the authors are shown here.  These books are typically written by successful leaders and some focus on marketing skills and techniques while others, applicable to any field, concentrate on leadership and personal development.

A few examples of these books are:  The Greatest Networker in the World by John Milton Fogg, Your First Year In Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell, The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiosaki, and books by John Maxwell, Stephen R. Covey, M. Scott Peck, James Allen, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rhon, and many others.

We can also find inspiration and lessons in leadership and character in works of fiction.  – I was reminded of this when my brother recently sent me a box of my old paperbacks found in the attic of the house where I grew up.  Included in the box were three westerns: Flaming Lance, Death of a Gunfighter, and Hondo.

Flaming Lance, copyright 1958 was written by Clair Huffaker  and made into a movie starring Elvis Presley.  Death of a Gunfighter, copyright 1968 was written by Lewis B. Patten and made into a movie starring Richard Widmark and Lena Horne.   Hondo, copyright 1953 was written by Louis L’Amour and made into a movie starring John Wayne.

About now, if you read all kinds of books you’re probably agreeing with me that you can find inspiration in all kinds of books, even Westerns.   If not, you’re probably saying “What?  Lessons for network marketers and entrepreneurs in Westerns?  He’s crazy!

The popularity of these books and of the movies they became are evidence that people looked up to the heroes in them, admired the character traits they exhibited and identified with their values .

The main characters exemplify several character traits and values– a good work ethic, a determination to keep trying until they succeed, courage, independence, willingness to sacrifice, strength, initiative, and caring about others.

We see loyalty, teamwork, and the willingness to accept personal responsibility for success or failure.  The heroes demonstrate their honesty, focus, commitment, knowledge, trust and honor.

These are all traits worth emulating if we wish to be a success in life and business.  So keep on reading, watching, and above all learning, and here’s to your success in Network Marketing and life.

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1 comment to Networkers Should Read Westerns

  • Heidi Norman

    I find personal development lessons in Disney cartoons so I can easily see that they can be found in Westerns. Great article!

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