Medical System Almost Kills Farmer

Vibrant Health filmIsn’t it frustrating how the medical establishment, the FDA, and big pharmaceutical companies reject alternative and natural medicine? 

While it’s clear that the motivation of Big Pharma is greed, and the FDA’s problem is their incestuous relationship with Big Pharma, it’s still puzzling how doctors who  enter their profession because of a desire to contribute to the health and well-being of others sell out to a system that prohibits the use of effective natural treatments. 

Most doctors know little of nutrition and seem to have forgotten the “roots” of their profession way back when.  Many doctors not only don’t take advantage of alternative medicine but agressively criticize the whole idea that anything other than drugs and surgery might be of use in their profession.

Are you as frustrated about this as I am?  Well, here’s a news flash!  Frustration is not be the worst thing that can happen to you or your family because of such ignorance.  If you have a life threatening illness or disease, it could cost you your life!

This short, yet powerful hospital documentary tells about a New Zealand farmer who almost died from swine flu due to the refusal of the medical team to try vitamin C even though they had already suggested ending life support and letting the man die.  The information in the video may help you save the life of a loved one during a desperate medical crisis.

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