How Important Is Customer Service?

Customer service plays a big factor in our buying decisions.  We figure that savy customers feel the same way.  Good customer service actually adds value to items purchased.

Some people are price conscious ONLY.  Now, I said ONLY.  There’s nothing wrong with being price conscious as long as it’s not at the exclusion of other important things that affect the value of a purchase.  These other things are sometimes intangibles, but none the less, determine the actual value of the item purchased.  These include things such as quality, customer service, brand reputation, warranties, and return policies.

Since the inception of Vibrant Health Inc, we’ve devoted a lot of effort into providing the best customer service possible.  Without customer satisfaction there would be no repeat sales.

That’s why we’re especially proud to have received the Better Business Bureau’s Seal of Excellence in recognition of our outstanding record for the last three years and to have recently received the Talk of the Town News Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.

Vibrant Health Inc received a 5-Star Award in the category of Health & Diet Products.  Ratings are calculated based on consumer-review websites and blogs, social networks, business rating services and other award information to determine the top companies across the country. Only those high ranking businesses with a 4-5 star rating win the Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award.

This is the second year CMUS has honored companies with its Talk of the Town Awards, which recognize a host of businesses and professionals who have been noted by their customers through multiple websites for their excellent customer service.

CMUS, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., is a consultancy firm specializing in the delivery of solutions for improved customer care and operational development.  The company’s mission is to uncover the most highly rated businesses and spotlight their achievements in customer satisfaction.

To Access Vibrant Health Inc’s Health and Diet Products click Here.  All come with a 6 month satisfaction guarantee.

Also, our Aqua-Chi Detox Foot Baths and Champion Juicer products are available at .

As usual, we’ll strive to provide the best value and customer satisfaction to you.

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