Easy Workouts For Abs And Fat Loss Revealed

Amazing abs for vibrant healthTo quest for the ultimate six-pack and flat stomach is what most people want to achieve . People can obsess over this and ultimately lead to paralysis by analysis.

There really is no magic formula to get flat abs . However, there are 2 methods that are commonly used. Surprisingly to many, both these workouts for abs involve more weight training than direct ab exercises.

+ Superset’s with intervals

A great workout for the beginner to intermediate trainer . The superset’s method involves 1 exercise being followed straight away with another exercise. This usually involves opposite muscles (e.g. chest then back) or upper versus lower body (chest then a leg exercise).

The upper/ lower body method is a excellent way of boosting your metabolism, and when done with weights will really help to get the shape you want .

An example of this would be a dumbell bench press and then straight into a bulgarian split squat or another example would be a lat row followed by step-ups.

Instead of slow steady-state cardio, interval training has been proven over and over again to massively boost your metabolism. There are many different varieties of interval training from 60 second’s at a reasonably tough pace to 60 seconds easy, right down to 8 seconds sprinting with 12 seconds rest. 

A very popular method is the tabata protocol of 20 seconds at full intensity with 10 seconds rest. However, this is an extremely tough form of training that should only be done once a week by experienced trainers .

+ Compound Lifts

Multi-joint compound exercises are another great workout . These include exercise such as deadlifts, hang cleans, snatch, rows etc. These are great exercises that work multiple muscle groups with the core also working hard to be able to maintain control throughout the movement.

However, you have to be careful with these workouts for abs as technique is even more important and if not done correctly they can lead to major back injuries. Try to get a trainer or coach to take you through these exercises.

As you progress, you should aim to keep increasing the weight you are lifting . 2.5lb and 5lb increments are enough. Also try to keep the reps low, with 5 sets of 5 reps being a good guideline.

3-4 times weekly is all you need with these workout methods . Along with the workout program, the number 1 factor for six-pack abs or a flat stomach is a natural diet. This should involve clean, organic foods as much as possible along with fruit and veg, while also cutting out processed foods.

These tips should be enough to get you started on your quest for amazing abs.

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