Do Behavior Styles Matter In Network Marketing?

mlm-companionscaled   You pick up all kinds of companions in network marketing, and it’s important to recognize their different behavior  styles or types if you want to have success as a team.  Recognizing behavior styles can empower your team members and make your organization more effective.

It is not your personal style that is important.  What is important is to recognize the behavior style of others so that you are able to deal with them effectively.

According to the DISC model, there are four main or primary, behavior styles.  The DOMINANT type, the INSPIRING type, the SUPPORTIVE type, and the CAUTIOUS type.  However, each individual can and will most likely display some of all four behavior styles depending on the situation.

  • DOMINANT – Outgoing and task-oriented.  Focused on results, problem-solving, and the bottom-line.  Favorite word is When?  They give best performance when you give them options and probabilities, allowing them to formulate their own decisions whenever possible.
  • INSPIRING – Outgoing and people-oriented.  Focused on interacting with people, having fun, and/or creating excitement.  Favorite word is I.  They give best performance when you show interest in their ideas and compliment them.
  • SUPPORTIVE – Reserved and People-oriented.  Focused on preserving relationships and on creating or maintaining peace and harmony.  Favorite word is We.  They give best performance when you encourage them to initiate and stand behind their ideas.
  • CAUTIOUS – Reserved and Task-oriented.  Focused on facts, rules, and correctness.  Favorite word is Why?  They give best performance when you allow them sufficient time to gather and interpret information.

Recognizing the four major behavior styles and how to interact with them can improve the effectiveness and success of your team.

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