Dealing with Muscle Fatigue

BJJ Baltimore students know that having your muscles fatigue on you is one of the worst feelings your body can feel.  The main cause of muscle fatigue can be tied to exercise intensity and duration.   During workouts of high intensity the muscles will become fatigued because there is a depletion of the main energy source, adenosine triphosphate (ATP).   ATP helps the muscles fiber contract so your body can move accordingly.   Without ATP present the muscle fiber can no longer contract and muscle fatigue begins.

Lactic acid is the cause of muscle fatigue resulting from intense workouts ranging from 30 seconds to lengths of time extending up to 60 minutes.   Though various factors can be attributed to muscle fatigue, the main problem with lactic acid is that it stops the cells from being able to contract.   New students who do Kickboxing Classes in MD have experienced that burning sensation in their legs from lactic acid.  Lactic acid is a waste product of anaerobic energy production known to cause localized muscle fatigue.   Whenever you work out a muscle and you feel pain or soreness that is usually the lactic acid spilling onto your muscle cells.

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Exhaustion occurring from exercise exceeding 60 minutes is due to low levels of glycogen which is the stored form of glucose.   Without a source of glucose in the exercising muscles the muscle cells cannot contract even if the body has an adequate supply of oxygen and fat.   When a runner is no longer able to maintain the correct intensity due to muscles becoming fatigued it is referred to as “hitting the wall.”   Other symptoms of muscle fatigue include dehydration, raised temperature, additional by-products and even lack of interest in the task.   Mixed martial arts is extremely exhausting on the body that why Maryland Jujitsu students do circuit training to make their body’s stronger.

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