Makers of “Cheap” Dietary Supplements Screaming Like Stuck Pigs


The FDA is enforcing a provisional rule on synthetics in dietary supplements which says, among other things, that synthetic botanicals will no longer be considered New Dietary Ingredients and must never be sold as supplements, only as drugs.

The FDA’s intention to regulate synthetics in dietary supplements has upset some dietary supplement manufacturers.  One industry group goes […]

The Dangers of Anabolic Steroids – A True Story

I am not the author of this true story about anabolic steroids.  I’ve included it here with the author’s permission. – Admin.

Male physique after anabolic steroid useThis article is for info purposes only and provides an insightful account of one individuals dealings with the use of anabolic steroids in the fields of sports activities and body building.

All through my teen years I suffered low self esteem induced by my belief that larger was always better. By the age of 18 I stood 5’07” high and weighed in at only 9 stone. I started to compete in mixed martial arts and drug free body building in the hope of silencing my diminished ego. 

Unfortunately my size constantly seemed to hinder me in all my targets regardless of whether that be my social life, love life or my career. I realized that however fit I became it was irrelevant as I still appeared small from a visual perspective.

By the age of 21 having trained in the gym on and off for approximately 3 years I started to read regarding anabolic steroids. The more I learned the more persuaded I grew to become that my life was incomplete without having steroids. I examined other individuals encounters with various kinds of steroids and the phenomenal results these folks had achieved in such a brief space of time. I understood that I could train all my life and still not be the size that I wished due to my poor genetics.  Continue reading The Dangers of Anabolic Steroids – A True Story

Burning Off Fat, Faster – The Correlation Between The Psychological And The Physical

Lose Fat for Vibrant HealthSince time immemorable, the proper technique for fast weight loss has always been an important issue with people who have to lose some unwanted fats. There are a number of ways this can be done, but basically there’s two approaches to this. First is the “crash-burn” method and next is the ‘speedy burn’ technique.

The first method would seem to many as a logical technique to achieve fat burning immediately. You exercise heavily to burn off the fats then you greatly lessen your food intake so even less fats would get into the body. Sounds reasonable enough. However, you also need to consider what they call as the mind-body connection in psychology.


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Experts in this field say that the body has sensors and indicators that can detect and recognize when the body is under attack or in distress. When these sensors go off, the body will protect itself, and a survival mode is initiated. To explain this more clearly, we will discuss this mechanism in relation to burning fat fast.   Continue reading Burning Off Fat, Faster – The Correlation Between The Psychological And The Physical

Acne – Treatments That Work

Acne treatmentAcne poses a problem to almost everyone in todays society.  Usually the appearance of acne starts out, in both sexes, during puberty and usually proceeds into adulthood.  Acne can do quite a bit of damage both mentally and physically for a person to the extent of stimulating skin scarring, depression and lowering their self-esteem.  Be sure to check out the links at the end of this article for tips on things you can do to treat and get rid of acne. 

Traditionally oral or topical treatments were prescribed for dealing of acne, but currently the acne scar laser treatment provides a new and fast approach towards acne scar removal.  Continue reading Acne – Treatments That Work

No Need to Panic!

Panic butonAs the sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks you are without a doubt much too acquainted with the uncomfortable experience of being in isolation and that no one else understands you. Together with feeling misunderstood you might well feel embarrassed to acknowledge to people that you are afflicted with anxiety and panic . But the condition is a lot more common than you might know and you need not feel alone . With around 5 percent of men and women battling with some kind of anxiety disorder there is certainly loads of help available to choose from if you know where to take a look .

Panic disorders can strike some people in only some kinds of situation such as whenever they could have to do a presentation and express themselves when in front of a large number of individuals . They are often totally panic free the remainder of the time and continue their life without additional anxiety. However for others their panic may be so serious they can not even get out of their own homes.  Continue reading No Need to Panic!

Genital Warts – Too Embarrassing To Talk About?

Genital Warts EmbarrassmentPeople infected by sexually transmitted diseases are often so embarrassed that they deal with them silently and on their own to keep others from finding out.

Genital warts are easily transmitted and triggered by HPV or human papilloma virus, which has even led to a large percentage of cervical cancer.

Genital warts are not rare among the list of sexually transmitted diseases. And because of that, being able to know how to cure genital warts fast is not only something many people are after but it’s also something most doctors recommend. Genital warts appear around the person’s genitals or anus and can cause lots and lots of discomfort along with other complications in the long run if left alone.  Continue reading Genital Warts – Too Embarrassing To Talk About?

The Real Truth About Interval Training And How It Can Help You

You are committing a tragedy against time if you are wasting it with cardiovascular routines. There’s a good path to a healthy, lean body that doesn’t include cardio at all. Of course, you won’t be able to go as slow and easy. It’s a dishonour that so many people at the gym spend most of their time doing aerobic workouts since they’re not getting the results they want. The real way to get rid of all that blubber you’re dealing with is to workout in interval training.

Intervals are nothing less than intense periods of exercise alternating with easier recovery periods. Research has shown intervals are a more  final result ive at fat burning than any other approach to exercise.  The high intensity component of an interval is going to last between one and two minutes. Once you complete that part, you recover at an easier rate for about a minute and a half.

You’d think that people doing cardio would lose fat. After all, exercise is exercise no matter how slow it is. So it sounds really nice, but the problem is that in practice it doesn’t help at all with losing fat. It’s amazing how that people who do cardiovascular exercises every day for hours every week and they still have stomach fat to spare. A Brit study took a sample of thirty five heavyweights who weren’t working out at all.  Continue reading The Real Truth About Interval Training And How It Can Help You

Popeye’s In Trouble!

Popeye   You’ve probably seen this 1950’s cartoon… Bluto’s just knocked Popeye through a wall and is dragging Olive Oyl off for his own nefarious purposes. But wait, our hero groggily grabs his can of spinach, sucks it down (the Popeye theme music starts playing), winds his arm up, flys through the air like a missile and knocks Bluto all the way to China. Popeye’s can of spinach saves the day!

   Now, fast forward to today. Amazingly the same situation develops (Bluto could use some counselling.) Popeye downs his can of spinach, but something’s wrong! Popeye can’t even get up! What’s going on?
Poor Popeye! Unfortunately today it would take 53 cans of spinach to equal the amount of nutrition in that 1951 can of spinach. How’s he going to carry that in his pocket?

    Due to green harvesting, commercial farming techniques designed to increase the size or quantity of vegetables, depletion of the soil and the use of chemicals in the growing process fruits and vegetables don’t have the same nutritional value as they used to.  Continue reading Popeye’s In Trouble!