Burning Off Fat, Faster – The Correlation Between The Psychological And The Physical

Lose Fat for Vibrant HealthSince time immemorable, the proper technique for fast weight loss has always been an important issue with people who have to lose some unwanted fats. There are a number of ways this can be done, but basically there’s two approaches to this. First is the “crash-burn” method and next is the ‘speedy burn’ technique.

The first method would seem to many as a logical technique to achieve fat burning immediately. You exercise heavily to burn off the fats then you greatly lessen your food intake so even less fats would get into the body. Sounds reasonable enough. However, you also need to consider what they call as the mind-body connection in psychology.


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Experts in this field say that the body has sensors and indicators that can detect and recognize when the body is under attack or in distress. When these sensors go off, the body will protect itself, and a survival mode is initiated. To explain this more clearly, we will discuss this mechanism in relation to burning fat fast.  

It’s a good idea to learn more about the mind-body connection and the psychology of weight loss. Because even if the mind controls the body, what the mind may think of as a good way to burn fat fast, may be perceived as dangerous by the body to its well-being, causing it to go into “survival” mode. That’s why it would be best to sort of “retrain” the body so it would not be as resistant to losing fats and unwanted weight when you do more rigorous exercises and eat less.

By the time you stop your diet or exercise, the body goes into heightened alert. It tries to protect itself by holding on to as much fat as it could to store inside the body. The metabolism of the body slows down since it wants to be prepared for this kind of situation in the future. That is why the tendency is for the body to gain all those pounds back and sometimes even more.

On the other hand, “speedy-burn” is rapid weight loss which is different from crash-burn because this method involves gradual processes of retraining the body so it can lose weight at the most optimum speed that is healthy. One way to do this is to engage in walking based programs or exercises when you begin training or working out to shed some pounds. It is also not recommended to go into crash diets.

Keeping all these in mind, it would seem that the best way to burn fat fast is to do it slowly. That may seem contradictory, but it’s the truth. If you do crash diets and exercises, the moment you stop there’s a possibility that you will gain all that weight back, and you’re back at square one.

Whatever weight loss tips you implement to become thinner, more fit, and healthier, always consult your doctor before dieting and starting your workout exercise programs to lose weight. This is very important. As a rule, you should not start any fat burning program without seeing a doctor.

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