The Dangers of Anabolic Steroids – A True Story

I am not the author of this true story about anabolic steroids.  I’ve included it here with the author’s permission. – Admin.

Male physique after anabolic steroid useThis article is for info purposes only and provides an insightful account of one individuals dealings with the use of anabolic steroids in the fields of sports activities and body building.

All through my teen years I suffered low self esteem induced by my belief that larger was always better. By the age of 18 I stood 5’07” high and weighed in at only 9 stone. I started to compete in mixed martial arts and drug free body building in the hope of silencing my diminished ego. 

Unfortunately my size constantly seemed to hinder me in all my targets regardless of whether that be my social life, love life or my career. I realized that however fit I became it was irrelevant as I still appeared small from a visual perspective.

By the age of 21 having trained in the gym on and off for approximately 3 years I started to read regarding anabolic steroids. The more I learned the more persuaded I grew to become that my life was incomplete without having steroids. I examined other individuals encounters with various kinds of steroids and the phenomenal results these folks had achieved in such a brief space of time. I understood that I could train all my life and still not be the size that I wished due to my poor genetics. 

I spoke to close friends and acquaintances at the gym but kept getting knocked back when I inquired concerning steroids. It is practically like a taboo topic that no one desired to discuss let alone provide the right connections. I prayed day and night that I would find a connection willing to hook me up. I was getting nowhere and started considering about buying items on the internet. This was a last resort for me as I understood how many fakes had been out there and most times customs would end up seizing your bundle anyway.

Finally one day I acquired news of a big time pharmacist who was prepared to speak to me. To cut a extended story short I ordered 2000 tablets of Thai Dianabol, a great number of ampoules of Decca Durabolin and Sustanon. I also had Nolvadex and Clomid to hand to deal with any concerns of testicular shrinkage or the so named man bust side effects.

I can keep in mind having all these tablets, vials, ampoules, needles and syringes in front of me and thinking at last I was going to get my dream. I was 21 years old and eventually ready to give it my all and show the world that I was no push over.

I recall I had goose pimples and was virtually shaking prior to I popped my first tablets of Dianabol. By this time I was in part time employment and turned up to work for the first time considering I was invincible. My confidence was oozing and I could barely hold my excitement.

By the time I got home, I took off my top and stood in the mirror I was in disbelief. 10 hours from my first tablets of Dianabol I could see noticeable growth. In 10 hours I had developed more than three years of workout albeit sporadically.

That night I consulted my more youthful brother who agreed to shoot me with my first ever intravenous does of Decca and Sust 250. I was so nervous my brother had to use emla anesthetic cream on the shooting area so that I would not sense the pain of the needle. I had frozen the needles as suggested on the net and right after two hrs my upper outer buttock felt numb from the emla product. I recognized then it was time and my brother got ready the syringe using fantastic cleanliness. He had alcoholic wipes and prepared everything to surgical precision.

The time got here and I lay flat on the bed and closed my eyes and prayed quietly. The needle was out as speedily as it had entered and I felt no discomfort whatsoever. My brother used an alcoholic patch and a tergaderm plaster to seal the injection sight. What followed was a sensation of euphoria, power and energy that I had certainly not felt in my life. In hindsight I can imagine this was in all probability more from the fact that I had accomplished the process without chickening out then the actual shot itself.

I registered every little thing in my black diary so that I could keep track of my progress weekly. Within four weeks I had transformed into a beast. My delts and pecks were tearing from my top. My legs barely fitted into my trousers because of the sheer dimensions of my quads and buttocks. I walked about my office looking and experiencing like a titan. No more did I look little in front of even the greatest of guys. Yes I was even now the same height but there was no question you can see a body builder from a mile away.

When it came to mixed martial arts although my cardio was lacking the sheer supremacy and rage that that steroids offered me meant that I was constantly hungry for a combat. I became a formidable opponent in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu having the capacity to lift and slam my opponent whatever their weight.

In fairness my workout routine was basically to poor but that didn’t make any difference as steroids made sure that I grew every day without any requirement to weight train hard. Steroids made my appetite rise so I would eat anything in my path. I had ended caring concerning the expertise I had acquired from the fitness magazines regarding the importance of excellent nutrition and a sound training routine.

I did a 12 week cycle which was in all probability one of the more memorable periods of my life. In a lot of ways this first cycle gifted me back my self esteem and confirmed what life was like to be a big man. Whenever I got into arguments at work I did not care who was on the receiving side, as I was prepared to take on any struggle with any man. I loved the experience and it is an experience I will glimpse back on fondly in all probability for the rest of my life.

Now employing the pleasure pain theory, when there is an up there has to be a down. Indeed I realized this very speedily through my cycle. Due to the fact my diet was full of junk food made up of salt, I had issues with water retention leading to my body to look bloated. My gut would distend like I was expecting and I even had a double chin. I had little stretch marks all over my body which have stayed to this day. My blood pressure was over 130 continually and my heart rate was additionally elevated. I had extreme roid rage where I would fly off the handle at the slightest factor after that wonder what it was all about. I had poor quality sleep due to insomnia and at times heart palpitations would wake me up at night time. I would have pain from muscle cramps in my feet where I was feeling like I had been stabbed for a few seconds but they would pass. All the above I could put up with but what came after the end of the 12 week cycle was the worst part of my life. Suddenly inside two to 3 weeks of finishing my cycle I had nearly lost 60% of my weight gains. It was like it just disappeared without reason. I became frustrated and ended weight lifting. I began considering there was something wrong with my wellness and quickly booked an appointment with my doctor. She asked me to take a blood check which pointed out heightened LDL cholesterol level, reduced HDL levels and disturbingly high levels of triglycerides and bilirubin values.

Things soon enough resolved themselves on their own and my subsequent liver function tests were much better. The million dollar question afterwards, was it all really worth it? There are many things I did wrong with my steroid cycle that may have met that most of the more serious side effects might have been avoided or counteracted with later on obtained information. Even then all I can say is that God developed the human body perfect.

Everything you try to do to surpass your genetic hurdle will induce a negative feedback system in your body forcing your body to restore its former shape. My tips is accordingly, be pleased within yourself, your look is important but not at the expense of your wellness. Weight train naturally, eat great wholesome food and stay clear from steroids.

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P.S.  For more information on sports performance supplements and banned substances like steroids see my article on the subject. – Admin

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