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Acne treatmentAcne poses a problem to almost everyone in todays society.  Usually the appearance of acne starts out, in both sexes, during puberty and usually proceeds into adulthood.  Acne can do quite a bit of damage both mentally and physically for a person to the extent of stimulating skin scarring, depression and lowering their self-esteem.  Be sure to check out the links at the end of this article for tips on things you can do to treat and get rid of acne. 

Traditionally oral or topical treatments were prescribed for dealing of acne, but currently the acne scar laser treatment provides a new and fast approach towards acne scar removal. 

How does it work?  Well it causes the production of collagenin in the skin, the central protein of connective tissue in animals thereby reducing the scars. The required wavelength and the degree of forcefulness of the laser should be decided according to the existing scar tissue .  Usually a physician decides the type of laser to be used during the treatment procedure.  Acne scar laser treatment works in various ways such as,  without removing tissue (non ablative), removing outer layers of skin (ablative) and microscopically removing tissue (micro-ablative). 

The ablative laser method uses a laser to vaporize the external layers of the skin and thus, eliminating the undesired scar tissue.  As a outcome of this procedure, the collagen will be firmed up causing mild scar visibility.  The remaining scars can always be covered up by the use of natural cosmetics and makeup.  For this acne scar laser treatment, particular kind of lasers, known as erbium and ultra pulsed carbon dioxide lasers are utilised.  This type of treatment will leave the unshielded skin exposed so it is vital that the patient take necessarily measures to care for the wound on the skin.  In addition, one should also check the skin regularly for any signs of infection. The skin may tend to cause redness for up to one year after the acne scar laser treatment, although redness might go away after a few months from surgery.

The non ablative laser works by making modifications to the dermis of the skin.  This method of acne scar laser treatment does not cause any damage to the epidermis during the treatment procedure.  The smooth beam laser heats up the sebaceous gland by focusing on it, thus helping lower the amount of sebum and acne that constantly appears.  In addition, this acne scar laser treatment firms up the dermis and thins scar visibility by heating up the collagen using the laser.  Typically an anesthetic would be administered by the physician before this method of treatment.

These currently practiced acne scar laser treatment procedures seem to have revolutionized the treatment of acne and, thus has provided a sense of relief for those who suffer from acne.

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